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Should you resend an email campaign to non-openers?

Should you resend an email campaign to non-openers?

Yes, you can do that. Resending emails to people who didn’t open it the first time can lead to more open rates and better conversions.

On the other hand, it can be redundant and annoying and may lead to unsubscribe or your emails will be reported as spam.

Remember, open rate is a tricky metric. Your recipient may have already opened the email without displaying the images, so it’s tracked as unopened.

This is a strategy that you can do but be very cautious.

You can resend email campaigns to non-openers but make sure you do it smartly.

Tips on Resending Email Campaign to Non-Openers

Here are my tips for you:

1. Resend only your most important email campaigns

You may feel like all your emails are important, but that may not be true for your recipients. Choose to resend an email campaign that you’d think your recipients will need.

2. Timing is important

Don’t resend in the next 24 hours. Wait for two days to 1 week before resending an email campaign. Also, send it at a different time and day.

3. Filter your recipients wisely

Instead of sending to recipients who didn’t open, filter them. Resend to people who didn’t open and didn’t click.

Resend to people who click but don’t purchase.

If you’re using Klaviyo, the resending technique works best if you regularly see open rates above 20% otherwise, it may harm your deliverability.

4. Tweaked the original email

Do a/b test. Change 1 variable of the original email to test the effect. Choose which variable you’d like to tweak, subject line, images, CTA buttons, or the copy.

What are the types of email campaigns you can resend?

You can’t resend all your email campaigns. You have to choose only those you think are most important for your recipients. Like;

~ New product alerts

~ Back in stock

~ Evergreen email campaign

Until next time.

Need help resending email campaigns? Let's talk and let's create emails that sell for your e-commerce store. Shoot me an email at rinagilisanan@gmail.com.

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